Kelbly Atlas Tactical Action

ONLY $895

The Kelbly Atlas Tactical action offers you all the tactical features one would expect from a Kelbly's action, but at a great price. 

Off a barrier, in the hunting field or off of a bench, the Atlas Tactical is one of the most rugged actions on the market today.  Based off the iconic Remington 700 footprint, you can be assured the Atlas Tactical is one of the most versatile actions when it comes to aftermarket accessories such as trigger and stock selection.  Quality at this price level is impossible to beat!


Click through the images to see the Kelbly Atlas Tactical’s best features.

Full list of features on the Kelbly Atlas Tactical:

  • Adjustable trigger hanger for precise trigger timing.
  • Black Nitride finish, allowing this action to be used 'dry' in extreme cases.
  • Spiral fluted bolt body.
  • Double pinned recoil lug.
  • TG style ejector to ensure no springs are needed, this allows for no pressure on the chambered cartridge.
  • Tactical bolt knob.
  • Magazine-well cut for Accuracy International Single Stack magazines.
  • One piece, pinned 20 MOA Picatinny rail.
  • Action Body Material - 416R.
  • Bolt Body Material - 4140.
  • Bolt handle machined from 420 Stainless and TIG welded to the bolt body.
  • Available in Short and Long Action
  • Bolt face available for .223, .308, and Magnum cartridges