International Customer

How to place an international order on our website:

  1. Add products to the cart. Please Note
    • The prices reflected on our website may not reflect the final price for international orders.
    • As with all customers, if you want to order a rifle action please call +1 701 371 4444 after visiting our actions page.
    • Most of our items require permits to be shipped to your location. If you have a permit, feel free to call +1 701 371 4444 to place your order.
  2. When filling out your billing details, be sure to review your information for complete accuracy, specifically the country you are shipping to and the best phone number and email address you can be reached at.
  3. If your item requires a permit (see additional steps below), a notification will show up and you will not be able to place your order. If a permit is not required, please enter your credit card information and be sure to check “Securely Save to Account”. This is to ensure that we will have your credit card number in the case that shipping your order may cost more than what was quoted.
  4. You should receive a confirmation e-mail. Keep this e-mail for your record as it contains your order # and you may need it.

How to Apply for a Permit

In order for you to receive ITAR regulated goods from the USA, a DSP-5 license needs to be applied for. This license is applied for by Bullet Central, LLC and will be submitted by us. Before we can apply for it however, we will need supporting documentation from you. This supporting documentation is very strictly scrutinised by the DDTC and
therefore careful attention needs to be taken to prepare it. The four pieces of supporting documentation needed are:

  • A signed Purchase Order
  • A signed DSP-83 (with our Continuation Page Attached)
  • A signed Letter of Intent
  • A valid Import Permit issued by your Government

Before you submit any paperwork needed to complete the DSP-5, we will need you to fully research the DDTC License Preparation Guidelines. If these guidelines are not followed exactly as stated, the DDTC will reject the DSP-5 application. If we receive any paperwork from you that we find will not be accepted by the DDTC, we can prepare
your paperwork for you for an additional fee.

Our fee structure is as follows:

DSP-5 Documentation Fee:
Paperwork Preparation (Optional): $500.00
Repacking Fee (if requested to repack goods multiple times): $50.00
Holding and Storage Fee (if shipping is delayed by customer): $15.00 / month
Int’l Transaction Fee – Goods purchased through Bullet Central:2.50% of MSRP
Int’l Transaction Fee – Goods purchased through 3rd Party: 6.00% of MSRP

If you have any questions please call us at +1 701 371 4444 and speak to Luke Albin or Karen Harris.